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AI – Embracing, Not Replacing, Human Jobs

Hi there, welcome to humanfirstapproach, if you’ve come across this blog and are thinking ”What’s this all about?” let me share a little.

I’m Chi-chi Ekweozor and I am a software engineer and female tech founder, my most recent product is still in the build stage but having taken the start-up journey a few times before I wanted to start this blog to share some insight into the highs and lows of being a female tech founder and some of the learnings along the way which have informed the way I develop products and services. I don’t claim to be any kind of guru or expert (is anyone?) but I do believe that sharing journeys warts and all is the best way founders can support one another.

This month I want to talk about AI, it’s a conversation that keeps cropping up with a regular question – will AI replace my job? As a software engineer, it’s a valid point – to a degree, of course, AI can create code which works so technically the answer is yes, now that viewpoint can be scary after all no one wants to be replaced by AI but whilst it’s true that AI is transforming industries and automating certain tasks my personal view is that it is not here to replace humans but rather to enhance what we already do for the better to create space for more creativity and collaboration.

Removing repetition

We all have them, those parts of our roles or businesses that require us to do data entry or data analysis and make routine and regular decisions. These tasks can be handled more efficiently by AI systems, not only saving time but reducing the risk of human error, if you’ve ever had to go back over a data set to find a manual mistake you’ll know what I’m talking about here and the time (and pain) it can cause to rectify. Imagine this room for error is removed, suddenly you have the space to focus on the more meaningful and strategic aspects of that work including providing insight and making informed decisions. 

Decision Making

Can AI make decisions for you? A question for another blog perhaps. Short answer: yes it can. Will it work as well as a human making decisions? Absolutely not. What it can do is be a valuable assistant to humans in the decision-making process.

Machine learning algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data, identify patterns and provide recommendations, however, does AI make the final decision or recommendation? No, it doesn’t but it does help you get there a lot faster; this type of capability is beneficial in sectors like healthcare where AI is already in place helping medical professionals diagnose more accurately in order to suggest personalised treatment plans. 

AI enhances human decision-making rather than replacing it. Human expertise combined with AI insights can lead to better outcomes across various fields.

Getting Creative

This is one of the biggest talking points around AI: how can it be creative and work like a human mind does, with all the nuances involved with creative thinking? It can certainly contribute to the early creative process through tools such as generative art software and creative writing assistants.  

In this way, support and inspiration can be provided at the very start of a creative project, these tools can generate ideas and even suggest improvements and help automate routine design tasks.

The question is,  does it replace a designer? Only to a tiny extent, for this purpose, but it also frees up that same designer to focus on higher-level thinking and final creative concepts, imagine this in an agency scenario where the gap from concept to final creative suddenly becomes much smaller, it’s more efficient for the agency, for the client and for the final output.

Efficiency and Collaboration

My last point brings me nicely to my final point, AI-driven automation is driving efficiency in business and that’s no bad thing. Chatbots can handle customer enquiries, freeing up humans to tackle the more complex issues in an industry where we all ultimately still want to speak to a human.

AI frees up the space for us to do just that.  AI Is creating efficiency at every turn and that includes fostering collaboration from scheduling meetings to organising project tasks, AI automation allows projects and people to come seamlessly together freeing up brain space to focus on the project instead of the admin which surrounds it. As an added benefit it can also bridge language and communication barriers creating a more inclusive environment. 

Enhancing Not Replacing

My personal view is that AI is a benefit to most industries and particularly to the tech industry which is of course where my business and I sit. As a founder, I can see the huge benefits of time freed up from administrative and regular tasks to find that much-needed focused creative time. We should not be scared of AI but rather embrace its possibilities to allow us to do our jobs, faster, more accurately and with more time than we had before unlocking new levels of productivity and innovation. 

And I don’t know about you but I find that very exciting!